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Las Vegas is one of the top U.S cities with high vacancy rates and seasonal residents. Some of these homes are vacation homes, some are owned by people who are waiting to sell, some are owned by people who are waiting to remodel, and some are owned by people who have died or moved away and the heirs don’t want to deal with them.

A vacant home is a vulnerable home because it can be easily broken into and vandalized. It can also be a target for copper theft and squatters since there is often copper piping and wiring in a vacant home. An unoccupied home can also become a breeding ground for pests and rodents.

Desert Haven Home Watch can provide peace of mind, knowing that the home is being monitored and cared for while home owners are away.

Desert Haven Home Watch can help to reduce the chances of a home becoming susceptible to damage. Our team of professionals will regularly check on the property, keep the entry way clean and free of debris, and report any issues that may need attention. This can help to keep the home in good condition and reduce any kind of risk. 

If you’re in the market for a home watch company, you’ve probably noticed that there are many different options. It can be difficult to know which one is the best choice for you. That’s why it’s important to consider the individual features that each company offers, and to decide which one best meets your needs.

At Desert Haven Home Watch, we understand that your home is one of your most important assets and we take our responsibility to care for it seriously. We prioritize security, attention to detail, and customer service. All of our services are designed to provide peace of mind when you’re away.

Desert Haven Home Watch offers a combination of home watch services and concierge services that sets us apart from other home watch companies. Here are some reasons why potential customers should choose our home watch company.

First, we are committed to providing the highest level of service. We understand how important it is to be reliable, and we take that responsibility seriously. Our company is Licensed, Insured and Bonded. Our team of professionals is dedicated to ensuring that your home is monitored for any potential issues and that any problems are addressed quickly. We also provide updates after every visit to let you know that your home is being taken care of.

Second, our concierge services are designed to make your life easier. We can take furniture/appliance deliveries and meet service providers/vendors to let them in the home, supervise, and then lock up after they complete the job. In addition, our team can do a thorough security assessment of your property. Our experienced team will identify potential threats and provide detailed recommendations for addressing them. We can also help you with errands such as grocery shopping, dry cleaning, package shipping, water plants, and other services. Our concierge services are designed to make your life easier so you can enjoy your home without worrying about any small details. 

Lastly, many home insurance plans require home checks and will reduce or eliminate some of your coverage if the home has been unoccupied for over 30 days. Your insurance may request the reports as proof of regular home visits in case of a claim. Without the proper documentation, your insurance coverage may be denied or limited. Many owners are unaware of this so make sure to check with your insurance carrier. We have free consultations, no long-term contracts and we specialize in keeping home energy costs down while the home is unoccupied. We would love to be your eyes and ears while you are away.

If you own a seasonal home, then you know how much work goes into maintaining and caring for it when you’re not there. From keeping the grass cut and the bushes trimmed, to making sure the pipes don’t freeze in the winter and the roof doesn’t leak, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to keeping your seasonal home in good shape.

One solution to this problem is to hire Desert Haven Home Watch to watch over your seasonal home when you’re out of town. Having a professional team of experts take care of your home can provide a number of benefits, including:

Peace of mind: Knowing that your home is being watched over by professionals can provide you with peace of mind, especially if you’re worried about potential problems such as water leaks, burglaries, squatters, insect infestations or other disasters.

Regular maintenance: Desert Haven Home Watch can provide regular maintenance services and make sure everything is in good working order. This can help prevent potential problems from arising, and ensure that your home is always ready for your next visit.

Emergency response: In the event of an emergency, such as a fire or a break-in, Desert Haven Home Watch can respond quickly and take care of the situation. This can save you the hassle and stress of dealing with an emergency from afar.

Cost savings: Hiring Desert Haven Home Watch can actually save you money in the long run. By catching and fixing potential problems early on, you can avoid costly repairs down the road.

Overall, having us watch over your seasonal home when you’re out of town can provide a number of benefits, from peace of mind to cost savings. It’s a smart investment that can help ensure that your home is always well cared for, no matter where you are.

When it comes to protecting your house, property, and possessions when you’re away, there are two main options: home sitting and home watching. Both services provide peace of mind by ensuring that someone is keeping an eye on your home while you’re away. But what’s the difference between them?

Home Sitting

Homesitting is essentially a live-in service. This means that a housesitter lives in your home while you’re away. The housesitter will typically stay at your home for a set amount of time. During their stay, they will take care of your home by doing things like watering plants, taking in mail, looking for any issues that arise, and monitoring the security of your home. This is the much more expensive option as you have to pay someone to be there everyday. They are using energy and utilities including using the ac/heat to keep the home at a comfortable temperature. Most house sitters are not licensed, bonded and insured.

Home Watching 

Home watching is a more hands-off service. This usually involves the home watch service provider coming to the home periodically to check on it. The home-watcher will typically visit your home once or twice a week, depending on the length of your absence and the age of your home. During their visits, they will typically check for signs of burglary, vandalism, pest infestation, water damage or any other issues. They will also take in mail, water plants, take furniture deliveries, meet with vendors, and perform other tasks that you may request. This is the less costly option with the home watch provider keeping energy costs to a minimum. Most home watch companies are licensed, bonded and insured for your protection and theirs.

At Desert Haven Home Watch, we understand that your home is your most important asset and the safety of your property is of the utmost importance. That’s why we’ve put together a list of home security tips to help keep you, your family, and your belongings safe.
1. Install a home security system: Installing a home security system is one of the best ways to protect your home from intruders. Not only will it alert you to any intruders, but it will also notify the police if an alarm is tripped. Many systems also come with surveillance cameras so you can monitor your property even when you’re away.
2.Install security cameras: Security cameras are an effective way to monitor your home and can provide you with valuable visual evidence in the event of a break-in. Strategically placed cameras can also act as a deterrent to potential intruders.
3. Keep your doors and windows locked: One of the simplest ways to protect your home is to make sure all the doors and windows are locked when you leave the house. This can be especially important if you have children who are unaware of the danger of leaving doors and windows open.
4. Have an outside light: Having a light outside your home can help deter burglars as they’ll be less likely to try and break in if they can be seen. Motion-activated lights can also be a good idea as they will turn on when someone gets too close to the property.
5. Manage visibility: One of the most important steps is to not leave your valuables in plain sight. Leaving your valuables out in the open can make them an easy target for thieves and burglars. The first step to keeping your valuables safe is to make sure they are not left in places where they can be easily seen. This means that if you have items such as jewelry, electronics, or cash, you should store them in a safe or locked cabinet. If you have a window that looks out into your yard, you should also make sure that any valuables are not visible from outside.
6. Consider adding a safe to your home to store valuable items: When it comes to securing valuable items in your home, there’s no better way to do it than by adding a safe. Home safes are designed to keep your valuables safe from burglars and thieves, and provide a secure spot to store important documents, jewelry, cash, and other items that you don’t want to keep lying around the house. When choosing a safe, it’s important to consider the fire rating and the security features. A fire-rated safe will protect your valuables from extreme temperatures and will usually come with a UL-rated lock. The higher the UL rating, the better the security features. Additionally, safes with a keypad or electronic lock can provide additional security and convenience.
7. Landscape with safety in mind: Make sure to keep your landscaping trimmed in order to reduce hiding spots. Having an overgrown lawn or shrubs can provide the perfect cover for someone who is looking to break into your home. It can also provide an easy way for them to enter and exit unnoticed, as they can easily hide among the foliage. Trimming your landscaping regularly will help to eliminate these hiding spots and reduce the chances of a break-in.
There are also other benefits to keeping your landscaping trimmed. A well-maintained lawn and landscaping can make your home look more attractive and can even increase its value. Additionally, it can help to protect your home from pests, like rodents and insects, that may be attracted to tall grass or overgrown shrubs.

As a real estate agent, the success of your business relies heavily on the satisfaction of your clients. When it comes to homeowners, one of the most important aspects of their satisfaction is the care and maintenance of their home. That’s why it’s essential for realtors to work together with a Desert Haven Home Watch to ensure that their clients’ homes are safe and secure when they are away. Here are just a few of the benefits of a realtor working with us:

1. Peace of Mind for Homeowners: Homeowners can be worried about the security of their home and belongings when they are away for an extended period of time. Having an expertise of both a real estate agent and home watch company working together can provide peace of mind that the property is being well taken care of. This can help to ensure that the property remains in good condition. The home watch company can also provide homeowners with regular reports about the condition of their home and any potential issues that may arise.

2. Increased Property Value: Home watch companies can help keep homes in top condition, which can help increase the property value. By working with a home watch company, a realtor can ensure that their clients’ homes are well-maintained, which can also increase the resale value of the home.

3. Comprehensive Property Management Services: Desert Haven Home Watch provides routine services such as checking doors, windows, and other areas of the property for security, as well as inspecting for signs of damage or wear and tear. We also inspect for insect infestations and rodents.

4. Professional Support: A real estate professional working with Desert Haven Home Watch can provide an extra layer of expertise when it comes to managing a property. This can help to ensure that the property is well-maintained and remains in good condition.

5. Cost Savings: By working together, real estate agents and home watch companies can help reduce the costs associated with maintaining a property. This can include labor costs, as well as costs associated with materials and repairs. 

Asking questions is one of the most important things you can do when selecting a home watch company to work with. With so many options out there, it is essential to make sure you are choosing the best fit for your particular needs. The following are some questions that you should ask before ultimately deciding that Desert Haven Home Watch is the right choice for you.

First, you need to make sure the home watch company is reputable and reliable. A reputable home watch company will have a good reputation and be able to provide references from past clients. It is also a good idea to ask if the company is bonded and insured, as this can help protect you in the event of any damages or losses.

Second, you should ask about the services the home watch company offers. Different companies offer different services and it is important to make sure they can provide the services you need. It is important to make sure the home watch company can provide all the services you require. Desert Haven Home Watch performs weekly 60-point inspections and light maintenance to vacation homes and unoccupied properties. During the 60-point inspection we check for broken water pipes/water leaks, pest infestations and much more. We also water any inside plants and collect and forward any mail if necessary. We offer key-holder and a vast selection of concierge services as well.

Third, you need to ask about the company’s pricing structure and payment policies. Make sure you understand how much the services will cost and what payment methods are accepted. Our pricing structure is very affordable, Desert Haven Home Watch offers free-consultations and no long-term contracts.

Fourth, you should ask how often the home watch company visits the property. At Desert Haven Home Watch, our professionals suggest checking the property weekly and twice a week if the home is older or located in an area with a high volume of squatters. Otherwise, our home watch professional can visit the property bi-weekly. It really depends on the decision of the homeowner.

Fifth, you need to know what kind of inspection and report the home watch company provides. Desert Haven Home Watch provides you with a detailed report after each visit. The report includes any pictures you request and you will receive the report via email.

When life gets hectic, many people look forward to their much-needed vacation. It’s the time you can finally relax and enjoy some time away from the usual hustle and bustle. But, if you’re the owner of a home or just care deeply about its well-being, you may find yourself worrying about the security and maintenance of your property while you’re away.  

The last thing anyone wants is to come into town to enjoy some time in their vacation home and there is an issue with the home that needs immediate attention. This is where Desert Haven Home Watch services come in. Our services are an excellent way to keep a close eye on your property while you’re away. We will regularly check on your home and property to make sure everything is running smoothly. This regular 60-point inspection and maintenance service allows owners to have peace of mind knowing that their property is being monitored even when they are not there.

Our services carry out frequent visits to your property to check for any potential risks or damage. Desert Haven Home Watch services can help you to detect any issues before they become serious, allowing you to address them before they become a much bigger problem.

We also inspect the property for any signs of pest infestations, water damage, making sure the locks are secure, there are no any signs of squatters or break-ins, and other potential problems or issues. Not only do our services help to keep your home safe, but they can also keep you from having to worry about your property while you’re away, ensuring that your home and belongings are secure.

Desert Haven Home Watch provides you with peace of mind by ensuring that your home is in good hands while you’re away. We can also assist you in the event of an emergency, such as a broken window or a leaky pipe. We can take care of any maintenance and repairs that may be necessary while the owner is away. This includes meeting vendors, checking filters, changing light bulbs, and other small tasks that can help keep the property in great condition. We also keep an eye on the property’s landscaping, making sure that inside plants are watered and trimmed as necessary, collecting and forwarding mail, and more.