“My wife and I decided to take a world cruise earlier this year and I needed someone I could trust with collecting mail and checking on our home for 4 months. Hunter did a great job checking our home and gave me peace of mind with their weekly email reports. During our cruise I received a summons for jury duty that I needed to respond to the court before we returned. I asked Hunter to open that summons and send me the info so I could respond before the court’s due date. I highly recommend Desert Haven Home Watch to monitor your home. I have used them recently for my travel to South America and they did a great job again. Thanks Hunter for peace of mind on our travels.” -Mike S.

“Hunter has been so incredible to work with. The communication, the thoroughness of the inspections and the kindness they have shown me has been amazing. They really have put my mind at ease when I’m out of town, because I know if anything comes up they will let me know and it can be taken care of before it becomes a big problem. They let me know when my a/c wasn’t working properly and were there to meet the hvac technician to get it fixed. I definitely recommend them and Desert Haven Home Watch to anyone who has a home that they are away from for periods of time.” -Ronlea P.

“At 76 years of age, I have experienced a bit of life, and this outfit is a quality company with quality owners. Hunter anticipates our needs rather just going through the motions, and reacting to circumstances. Their regular condition reports on our residence are very detailed, and provide the information we need to keep on top of security and maintenance items. We receive great value for the price. I highly recommend Desert Haven Home Watch for your Las Vegas residence when you are away.”  -Steve V.

“I have a vacation home in Vegas, but have been spending most of my time in Santa Fe. Relying on friends and family to try and keep an eye on my investment doesn’t always work out, so I went on the hunt for a stellar company to give me a hand and found Hunter at Desert Haven Home Watch! Hunter has been so helpful and professional in keeping a close eye on my property while I’m in NM. This company is fully licensed, bonded, and insured and provide a thorough 60-point inspection to ensure your home is well maintained.” -Monica V.

“I can’t thank Desert Haven Home Watch enough for their outstanding service. They’ve been there for us during vacations and extended trips, and their commitment to safeguarding our home is truly commendable. It’s a rare find to have such a dependable company looking after your property. I highly recommend Desert Haven Home Watch!” -Kama R.

“I hired Desert Haven to take care of my home while I was traveling and have absolutely no regrets. I had a water softener leaking while I was out of town and they had it fixed and floors dried within a few hours. They gave me complete peace of mind knowing that I didn’t have to worry about any maintenance or other issues while I was away and for a very competitive price. Highly recommend.” -Moishe B.

“We use Desert Haven Home Watch for their weekly home inspection and love taking advantage of their concierge services as well. We had Hunter take most of our furniture deliveries for us a few months back as we were out of town. He went out of his way to take pictures and made sure that none of the pieces were damaged during delivery. We couldn’t be happier with his professionalism and service and we are so glad that our home is in such great hands while we are away.” -Andrea G.

“I live in the Bay Area and leave my house unoccupied for most of the year.  Hunter at Desert Haven Home Watch, found a leak in my roof during one of their weekly visits and let me know about it, met the roofers and had it fixed before it even became an issue.  They saved me a bunch with just that as I may not have known about this for quite a while.  They also have arranged numerous other repairs to get done and cleaning to occur before/after I have been there.  Don’t know what I would do without them.” -Evan S.

“Top notch home watch company. They are always there to help with any and all situations which can arise with our older home. They are extremely reliable with very affordable rates, we pay $90 a week for our home and it’s well worth it. I strongly recommend Hunter at Desert Haven Home Watch if you have a vacation home in Vegas.” -Paul G.


Frequently Asked Questions

Try and give us 2 weeks notice before you would like your service to begin so we can schedule your home watch set up to meet with you for a walk through of the property and to customize your checklist.

You are only charged when you are away and your home is being watched. Your account goes on pause the day of your last scheduled home watch.

Yes, we always try to accommodate our customer’s needs especially when it could mean savings to them. However, if the delivery isn’t on time and the team member has to wait it would be considered a ‘wait service’ which is offered on our concierge services list at $50/hr.

We accept all major credit cards, personal checks, cashiers check, money orders, venmo, zelle, and of course cash.

Yes, you may and if for any reason you choose to cancel your service you will receive a prorated refund of services not performed.

Unfortunately our pricing structure is so affordable there is no room for discounts based on advanced payments. We accept advanced payments as a courtesy to our customers who would rather not deal with making a payment each month. We do accept all major credit cards for your convenience.

We have no long term contracts. Your service is considered to be month to month, however we ask for a minimum of 4 weeks notice in order to adjust our home watch scheduling in your area.

People who have their neighbors watch their home many times still hire a professional home watch company as well. Home watch professionals are trained to look for problems as they begin. Anyone can come into your home to find a gushing water pipe under the kitchen sink, by then it is too late. Home watch professionals will many times see the drip before it becomes an all out broken pipe. Not to mention we are insured and bonded for your peace of mind.

No, that would compromise the very reason you have a professional watch your home.

We only take photos of your home as defined by you, the client. You may ask us to take as many as you wish, however we ask you try to limit your request to 6 per inspection.

Your weekly report is sent to you via email so they will be archived in your email.

We assign the same home watch team member to your home for the duration of your service with us. The exception to this statement would be if your team member is sick, on vacation or retires.

Have Any Other Questions? Call us today at (702) 825-3646